Brighid Adam believes that reading should be fun. And to her, fun stories are those with bad-boy romances, over-the-top action, ridiculously overpowered magic, secret identities, and a very bold heroine.
When she’s in a mood for something dark, she uses another pen-name. B.A. Meredith (for High Fantasy) or Brighid Meredith (for everything else).
If you’re still reading my About page, then I’ll award you with a bit more about myself. I love baking. I just pulled vegan banana bread out of the oven, and I’m trying to not stuff my face right this second. Trying unsuccessfully.
I have four children, identical twin girls and two boys. I have a loving partner who’s the bedrock of our little family. But we have our share of drama. Trust me. My life is basically a sitcom–outrageous, unusual, but full of love.
Should I include anything else? Nah, I wouldn’t want to overwhelm my lovely readers. Just know that I am completely approachable. If you want more juicy details, feel free to drop a comment!
PS: In case you were wondering, that photo isn’t of me. I mean, come on people, I have four kids. And why do I have such a provocative photo on my page? To set the mood. I do write fantasy, after all.


A writer, a seeker, a raven and a snake, I write to my inspiration, the world unseen, the conflicts unheard, the magic of the verse, perhaps magnified, stylized, and dramatized for the theater of thought.

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