Outed, by Brighid Adam

When cultists attack her office, Kina has no choice but to reveal her secret to the world. Kina is a demigoddess, living in violation of the Demigod Registration Act. Now, the authorities are hunting her, the cultists won’t leave her alone, and she’s begun receiving unwanted attention from the city’s resident crime-lord. Kina might be a demigoddess, but are her powers enough?

To be released in May, 2017. Stay tuned for more information, artwork, and awesome teasers. Gotta love cliff-hangers.

Meet Kina

Daughter of the goddess Ishtar, Kina has been living in the closet her entire life. In fact, that’s the only way she can have a life. The States take a hard stance on Magic. And Kina does have Magic, she’s full of it…Not that she uses any of it. Magic’s like a drug, the more you use, the more you want. And if she started using, it would only be a matter of time before someone noticed. So she lives a normal life, works a nine-to-five job, hates her boss, and she has her best friend Amy.

Meet Alec

Crime-Lord, Ruler of Spermeru (a suburb of New Egypt), and something more, Alec takes responsibility for the Magic Users in New Egypt. He hides Magic Users, and the elected officials turn the blind eye. Well, it’s that or be stabbed in the eye. Which is what Alec would do to the city councilman that stepped out of line.

Meet Detective Greg Ochre

Part of the elite Demi-Control squad, Greg Ochre’s job is to hunt down Demigods and send the to the Farm (for execution by experimentation). He hates magic, but he seems conflicted about it. Maybe because he’s fallen for Kina. Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s a little magical himself…Either way, he comes across as unstable.

Meet Detective Adam Wesir

If I were a demigod, and I wanted to stay hidden while working towards an alternative agenda, I’d probably consider joining Demi-Control. It would be the last place anyone would look. Just saying…

Meet the three stooges

Dread, Maniac, and Hekel. These three demigods lead the cultists attacking the city. They appear to be working for the Egyptian god Hekmut, who in turn is employed by the god Horus. But there has been a labor dispute, and the contract’s up in the air. We aren’t sure who  they’re really working for, but they have everyone up in arms. Violent bastards. Wait…Are those zombies?


After the Return, the old places were torn asunder. Refugees fled, and the gods hounded them down. Yet there were nations which stood firm. Nations where the gods had been exterminated, where the native population had been wiped out. Nations such as the American States. After much debate, the States granted refugees asylum. But the States had just one rule: No Magic. No gods, no demigods, no heroes, and certainly no magic. But the thing about the gods? They don’t take no for an answer.


A writer, a seeker, a raven and a snake, I write to my inspiration, the world unseen, the conflicts unheard, the magic of the verse, perhaps magnified, stylized, and dramatized for the theater of thought.

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